Mean Tweets: Paley Library Edition

My colleagues and I worked on this fun project as one way to prepare campus for the closure of our beloved Paley Library. View the video at

Criminal Justice Professor Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Steven Belenko has devoted his career to using data to change the criminal justice system for the better. The criminal justice professor works with juvenile and adult justice agencies to improve substance-abuse related services for offenders. His work recently earned him the 2017 Jerry Lee Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society of Criminology (ASC) Division of Experimental Criminology. Read full story.

Cool Aunts of Academia

Is #auntac the new #altac? Read full story.

A Story Made in Philadelphia: Q&A with Brad Windhauser

Brad Windhauser thinks Philadelphia is a great place to be a writer. “There’s a certain energy to Philly that I love,” says the English and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies faculty member. He’s set both his novels here. The most recent, The Intersection (2016), tackles gentrification and racial issues in the city’s Graduate Hospital neighborhood. Windhauser says the story had to happen here, and we agree. We touched base with him

May in Mitten Hall: A Family Tradition

I’ve written quite a few graduation stories as a part of the Temple Liberal Arts marketing and communications team. This year, I got to write about myself! In January of 2000, my family and I traveled to Philadelphia from the Poconos to attend my father’s graduation from Temple with his PhD in history. I was 13. The building, Mitten Hall, looked like a castle. Last week, we attended that ceremony