Library logistics: How staff will prepare to move more than a million books

This piece wasn’t written by me, but it features me and some of the work we’ve been doing to prepare for our move to Charles Library. “It’s kind of funny,” said Sara Wilson, CLA ’14, ’17, Temple’s library outreach and communications administrator. “We moved from Sullivan to Paley, and now we’re taking a lot of those same books those same few feet.” Read full story.


My short story, “Underground,” won honorable mention in Short Édition’s international fiction contest. Look for it in the dispensers or read it at the link below. It’s been nearly fourteen years, but there you were on my morning commute. On your way to work like nothing had happened. Both of us on our ways to work as if nothing had happened. Read “Underground” on Short Edition

Mean Tweets: Paley Library Edition

My colleagues and I worked on this fun project as one way to prepare campus for the closure of our beloved Paley Library. View the video at

Criminal Justice Professor Honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Steven Belenko has devoted his career to using data to change the criminal justice system for the better. The criminal justice professor works with juvenile and adult justice agencies to improve substance-abuse related services for offenders. His work recently earned him the 2017 Jerry Lee Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society of Criminology (ASC) Division of Experimental Criminology. Read full story.

Cool Aunts of Academia

Is #auntac the new #altac? I took place in a fellowship for PhDs interested in exploring careers outside of academia, and my piece was selected for their website. “Cool Aunts of Academia” on MLA Connected Academics