My short story, “Underground,” won honorable mention in Short Édition’s international fiction contest. Look for it in the dispensers or read it at the link below. It’s been nearly fourteen years, but there you were on my morning commute. On your way to work like nothing had happened. Both of us on our ways to work as if nothing had happened. Read full story.

Cool Aunts of Academia

Is #auntac the new #altac? Read full story.

May in Mitten Hall: A Family Tradition

I’ve written quite a few graduation stories as a part of the Temple Liberal Arts marketing and communications team. This year, I got to write about myself! In January of 2000, my family and I traveled to Philadelphia from the Poconos to attend my father’s graduation from Temple with his PhD in history. I was 13. The building, Mitten Hall, looked like a castle. Last week, we attended that ceremony

Doctoral Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the MLA Convention

A post I wrote for the MLA Connected Academics proseminar was selected to appear on the blog. This is the first of two posts scheduled to go up. On the Wednesday night before this year’s MLA Annual Convention in Philadelphia, I realized that my husband was laughing at me. I was preparing for the next day: adding my schedule into the convention app, packing my bag, minding my business. When